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A lovely testimonial from one of our new members!

Moving to a new city can be an isolating and stressful experience. Finding a home, fitting into a new job and making friends may be daunting. I’ve learned that one of the most gratifying ways to combat isolation is to take up a new hobby or interest and one of the most satisfying for me has been to join a choir. It’s now well documented that singing is good for the mind, soul and body. It is thought to be calming, to increase positivity and to foster a sense of community.

Joining Cavatina choir in Penarth has been all of those things for me. In a matter of a few weeks, I have enjoyed the camaraderie of singing in a group, learned about phrasing and diction, found new friends and felt part of the community. I’ve participated in several local events involving the choir leading up to Christmas. I’ve even learned a beautiful Swedish carol, thanks to our very competent and patient Swedish conductor whose sense of humour makes rehearsals fun. Joining this choir has been utterly delightful on so many levels.